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2D animation might be considered a dying art with the shift to 3D animation in the early 2000s
by Disney, Pixar and other major animation art houses. In an era where series and shows are
the top form of consumed media, the flourishing anime industry of Japan has taken the limelight
by delivering gripping stories in artistic ways that grab the attention of everyone.

Perfect for binging on an ideal night, anime comes in all forms. There is something for everyone,
whether you like fantastical adventures with integrated world building, slice of life stories, or
even bone chilling horror-mysteries. Anime manages to provide a variety like no other. Carefully
crafted storyline with great depth and heavy subtext lure the viewer into watching episodes after
episodes, without a break. It is a rather enjoyable form of television with a large impact on
young audiences, giving rise to fandoms with an incredible sense of community. Cosplay, fan
fiction, fan art and internet discourse become fun resorts of these fans, to indulge in their interests.

If you have seen the meme of Hayao Miyazaki saying, “anime was a mistake” you must be aware of the grimmer side this industry possesses. With poorly paid animators and a market
flooded with over saturation of concepts, the global consumption of this form of media leaves
the public at a crossroad. Sometimes fans go to extreme extents and their toxicity turns the
conversation around anime, sour. As a form of art, anime has the liberty to be its true raw self,
but that can be harmful for impressional audiences.

Is it a reach to call anime a form of art? Do these animators set at par with Walt Disney and
Hayao Miyazaki? In my personal opinion, they do. One cannot rob these creators of the respect
and appreciation they deserve for delivering such enticing stories and jaw dropping animation.
Their aspirations and ambitions are a clear show of their dedication to the art of animation. With
the magical power of inducing life into moving shapes on a screen, anime is bound to leave its
mark in the world of animation.

Some of our personal favourites that are a must watch:

1. Death Note
2. Violet Evergarden
3. A Silent Voice
4. Grave of the Fireflies

– Aditi Das
– Manya Agarwal
– Krittika Harlalka (art)

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